J Reviews The Last Of Us

Because I’m old and slow, I just now finished “The Last of Us.” So how does it stack up? It’s received a lot of praise, so much so that I think it had difficulty living up to many people’s expectations.

Let’s start with the good:

The Visuals – They’re stunning. You will frequently find yourself wandering around just to look at shit. Every house, room, piece of furniture is unique. I don’t want to know how many man hours it took.

Story – The story is compelling. The opening sequence is probably the best I have seen in any game. It effectively sets the tone for the rest of the game. The ending was… provocative.

Gameplay – Basically the same engine as in Uncharted. So if you’ve played that, you’ll feel comfortable. The limited ammunition means that you’ll spend a lot of time in stealth mode. Speaking of which, I’ve played plenty of games where you are sneaking up to kill people, but there was something about this game that made it feel morally ambiguous. Usually, it’s clear cut good guys / bad guys. Not in this game.

The Characters – Both Joel and Ellie are well developed. It’s nice to have an AI sidekick that can actually do something, although that doesn’t start until about the midway point. I particularly liked the back and forth banter between the two. It feels natural, and not shoehorned in.

And now the bad:

Linearity – Like the Uncharted series, it’s a story you’re playing. You can’t change the outcome.

Ammo – This is a critique I have of many games that try to be as realistic as possible. If I have limited ammo, why don’t my opponets? And if they don’t, why can’t I pick some up from their corpses?

Jumping? – You can’t jump. Like at all. It’s highly annoying to be blocked by a wall that would require a 3″ vertical to grab the top of.

J’s overall recommendation: Strong Play

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  1. You had me until the jumping!! That bugs the CRAP out of me! I’m definitely going to play the game, but I might need a month to prepare myself for the anti-jumping frustration.

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