Hey J, maybe you’d be happier with an Inca economy?

Apparently the Inca’s didn’t have central banks. Or inverse stock option buy-backs. Or credit default swaps. Or BARTERING. That’s right, the Incas (Incans?) didn’t have cash to save. They had diddly-squat.

Speaking of cash moola; now I want one of these. Why can’t I be happy with just a 3DS? Why must I always want more? That’s a seriously good deal though. Maybe I’ll ask my government for one in exchange for doing some gardening this weekend.

1 thought on “Hey J, maybe you’d be happier with an Inca economy?”

  1. There was a rumor floating around that Sony would be offering a bundle of a PS4 + Vita for $499 (IE a Vita for $100.)

    As to the Incas, they also didn’t have the wheel. Talk about doing things the hard way.

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