New exoskeleton suit replete with bug shield.

So, if you’ve ever made an exoskeleton out of an old Erector Set (and, let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), it probably looked a lot like the piece of shit below. I mean, I guess if you want a stunted, rickety, exoskeleton just so you can maybe bang your exo-skull into an eight foot doorway, well, then, this Bud’s for you…

2 thoughts on “New exoskeleton suit replete with bug shield.”

  1. Dude. You do realize I posted this 2 weeks ago, right? You don’t even read my posts anymore, do you? I’ll be curled up in the corner crying, if you need me.

  2. HA! Oh shit, so you did. I must not have watched the stupid video. Or else I blocked it out from my memory. That’s pretty funny.

    Oh well, now I know how to come up with new content if I can’t find anything else 😛

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