I sorta want to buy the most popular gaming system out there

Which is the 3DS. Yep, Nintendo is somehow still rocking the revenue, even in light of the Wii U’s disappointing sales thus far. In contrast, the 3DS just keeps skyrocketing, each month it outsells everything else. Now, this will probably change in a few months with the PSBone releases, but still, this multi-dimensional handheld isn’t going anywhere with so many units already shipped.

As for what I would play on the thing, Luigi’s Mansion looks like fun, Ocarina of Time is one of the best games ever (but I probably don’t need to play it again), and the new 2D in 3D Zelda looks pretty fun too.

This is Nintendo, however, and will always be hip to the JRPGs. As such, this game, and this one, look amazing.

We’ll see how long I hold off. I peg the over/under at two weeks.

1 thought on “I sorta want to buy the most popular gaming system out there”

  1. I just don’t have enough time. Shit, man, I haven’t even been able to finish “The Last of Us” yet. Don’t be tempting me like this.

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