For whom the Bell tolls.

Art Bell, he of mysterious late-night ramblings from the high-desert is making a return to the airwaves via SiriusXM. And here I was pissed off that I forgot to cancel my stupid Sirius subscription, when I had made a google calendar reminder and everything.

For those who aren’t familiar, Art covers everything from crazy conspiracies to bat-shit insane consiracies. I give you my favorite, Mel’s Hole:

1 thought on “For whom the Bell tolls.”

  1. I used to listen to Art Bell when I was out in the middle of Nevada hunting / prospecting etc. Being out in the middle of nowhere somehow made it all the more awesome. Plus, that was the only thing that came in, so everyone listened to it. And all of the people you met out there were, shall we say, amenable to these sorts of theories. So I had more than a couple of interesting conversations with locals about last night’s show.

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