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Long Live Death and the Economy

I recently wrote a novel (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: my novel is called Idempotency, published by Kindle Press!) about the forthcoming possibility of humans living extended lives. This is generally known as transhumanism. Aside from the obvious conclusion of HOLY SHIT ‘POCALYPSE!1!!1!, another ginormous and intractable impact from humanity livin’-la-vida-long-time will be economic.

As people live forever, our population will explode*, unless artificially stopped. Apparently the aging is already happening in Japan, but so is the artificial stoppage. People are living a long time in Japan: 82 years on average, for a ranking of number 1 in the world**. But as the parents are getting older (and are less able to work), their kiddos aren’t populating the earth. In fact, according to the article, Japan shrunk by 286k people last year.

Also interesting from that article: “The paper argues that the effects of an aging population on deflation are more complicated than typically thought – that aging is deflationary when caused by an increase in longevity but inflationary when caused by a decline in birth rate.” I’m not sure I understand how that works, but it sure sounds interesting, and it seems like, in Japan’s case, they cancel themselves out.

This guy thinks Japan’s PM needs to enact changes to stimulate the expansion of the workforce (such as, raising the 60 year old retirement age). But that sounds fishy to me; older people are past their prime money-making years, and frankly, probably prefer to sit on one of Japan’s awesome beaches. And encouraging women to work misses the mark a bit. This woman seems to point out a better path, noting the recent policy changes in Japan making it simpler for women to have children and work at the same time (a novel idea, to be sure). And it’s worked for France.

Anyhow, I don’t know where I’m going with this*** except that if you are from Japan, you should definitely start shagging. It’s fun, trust me. Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your country!

* The stupid internet-rumor (I know, redundant) that there are more people alive today (7.2 billion-ish) than have ever died (upwards of 100 million, estimated) is entirely false.

** I was genuinely surprised to find “Giant Mechanized Robot” was not a top-20 cause of death in Japan.

***Maybe it’s that Wayne Coyne was wrong when he wrote “everyone you know some day will die”:

I’m guessing the reviews for this anime robot on Amazon.JP are hilarious

First of all, check out the giant Kuratasu Starter Kit robot selling on Amazon.JP for 120 million yen right now. Then do the auto-translate feature of Chrome and enjoy these important bullet points on the product description:

  • Weight about 5 tons, height 3.8m engine driven human four-legged giant toy robot (weight, height, changes in both optional)
  • Unlike normal riding toy, safety and comfort is not guaranteed, you can guarantee the dream of mankind “consisting robot pilot”.
  • It will be the starter kit without arms, forearms, please purchase separately option.

Good thing to know the arms are sold separately. Next, goto the reviews page in Chrome and, again, auto translate. You will find some gems like these:

Five 5.0 out of 5 is great. , 2015/1/20
Contributor Aqua – I see all my reviews
This review is from: Kuratasu Starter Kit
First, as this product, which is also in the item description does not come with both arms in that starter kit.
Arms parts must be purchased separately.
However, rather than capture this as a disadvantage of this product, you should see as strengths that can be attached to various parts according to rather use. Since in my case had been intended for use in heavy lifting, such as proximity melee combat and luggage of Nora machine life form that came to haunt here recently in the neighborhood, one set of general-purpose manipulator, as for combat APFSDS ammunition canister bombs support both multi Cannon to the right arm, the one set the armed arm of 30mm Gatling gun mounted on the left arm I was choice.

5.0 out of 5 stars peace of mind, it is safe , 2015/1/15
Contributor Yamamoto Shinya – I see all my reviews
This review is from: Kuratasu Starter Kit
Was present at the sixtieth birthday celebration in grandmother that has weakened the legs
to go out in the neighborhood convenience store are willing to be just good
I shopping hook set in the right arm the (Amazon limited eco back included) was Choice
adult diapers also large quantities it is possible to load it seems to come in handy
in the left arm that journey of wild boar measures we chose the Karasawa made ​​laser rifle in
although bad little balance so rifle 1.5t with respect to the body weight 5t, and simultaneous charge of two horses also do you think it is no problem because the bear last minute
as the power becomes to Keshizumi to road together with ALL wild boar, but my grandmother had complaining that “shish meat wanted to eat”,
when also serves as crime prevention measures I think think whether passing mark

5.0 out of 5 stars rainy day out of stock , 2013/12/12
Contributor Tyler – I See all my reviews
This review is from: Kuratasu Starter Kit
Use for winter bonus and she decided the Kuratasu. I want to get before tax increase.
I hope the eco-car tax reduction target model.
Next year’s cherry blossom viewing is I think going with this guy.


Long live Japan!

A Sexless Japan

Interesting article on the lack of sex in japan.


“It’s too troublesome,” says Kishino, when I ask why he’s not interested in having a girlfriend. “I don’t earn a huge salary to go on dates and I don’t want the responsibility of a woman hoping it might lead to marriage.” Japan’s media, which has a name for every social kink, refers to men like Kishino as “herbivores” or soshoku danshi (literally, “grass-eating men”). Kishino says he doesn’t mind the label because it’s become so commonplace. He defines it as “a heterosexual man for whom relationships and sex are unimportant”.

The phenomenon emerged a few years ago with the airing of a Japanese manga-turned-TV show. The lead character in Otomen (“Girly Men”) was a tall martial arts champion, the king of tough-guy cool. Secretly, he loved baking cakes, collecting “pink sparkly things” and knitting clothes for his stuffed animals. To the tooth-sucking horror of Japan’s corporate elders, the show struck a powerful chord with the generation they spawned.


Nintendo admits WiiU is WiiDead

Interesting article on BusinessWeek about the state of Nintendo. The WiiU was really misguided. They should have iterated slightly on the Wii (HD, more precise controllers) before going all in on a new big idea. In some ways, I think their outside the box success of the Wii caused them to be overconfident on the WiiU.

It’ll be interesting where they go. It’s not like Nintendo is without merit; the 3DS is proving enormously successful, their IP is phenomenal (obviously), they have 8 billion in the bank, and they are still cranking out great games (I’m totally digging “A Link Between Worlds”). Still, this is an uphill climb.