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So J and I have decided to generalize the website a bit. What once started as an anime drinking blog (niche, natch) has blossomed into something sooooo much more: a website about nerd stuff. Ok, so it’s pretty much the same thing. But I realized the awesome domain was available and decided it was time for a change.

The function n*log(n) is a cool nerd reference relating to the time required to run certain algorithms in computer science (quicksort, to be specific; lookup Big O notation on wikipedia). I thought NblogN was funny, so yeah, that’s pretty much the extent of the thought process that went into this decision.

Anyhow, update your bookmarks, bitches! All six of you.

Josh & J Rise Like a Pair of Phoenixes

Hey everyone, welcome to Josh and J’s new blog. Well, sorta new, we used to be located here. Like great Japanese tech, we’ve shrunk our URL. If you are just finding us, this website is all about things that interest Josh and J, but mostly focuses on anime reviews, tech news, economics, horror movies, precious metals, books (indie and otherwise), and  fancy bracelets (just kidding).

We hope you enjoy our shiny new website! To help kick things off, here’s a very informational vid…

— Josh & J