Mechanical Is The Vinyl Of Keyboards

And I’m all in. Seriously, who knew the world of mechanical keyboards was so complicated? Do I go with the Cherry Brown or Black switches? Or maybe I should eschew Cherry altogether and commit keyboard suicide with the cheaper Kaihls, I mean, some people actually like those things. One thing I know is that I need backlit caps. Maybe I should wait for the perfect keyboard to pop up on MD. I do know that I need tactile and n-roll. I’d really like to use it with my iPad pro, but if it’s USB that may not fly with the camera connection kit. Most experts swear by PS/2 interface (it’s faster than USB, natch), but that just seems silly. Ooh, maybe I should just build my own!

This is awesome, I have a whole new hipster hobby that I’ve discovered. Who knew? Sure as hell not me as of two days ago.

One thought on “Mechanical Is The Vinyl Of Keyboards

  1. Holy shit! I’m sitting on a pile of gold! I must have half a dozen old mechanical keyboards. I think the best feature is the ri-god-damn-diculous amount of noise you make. And I suggest going with unlabeled keys.That will multiply your hipster factor by 2.8x.

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