2 thoughts on “J, Keep Your Grubby Hands Off Our Water (But Send Us Your Grapes)

  1. Sigh. California doesn’t have a drought problem, it has a water management problem. The water rights are clouded, and the law doesn’t make trading water easy. If they just let a market exist in water, none of this would be a problem. Instead, they want to try to appease all these different political interests with subsidized water. If farmer and municipalities had rights to specific water, with the ability to trade or sell it, then all that would have to happen is when water is scarce, price will go up, and it will go to the most important uses. Farmers won’t get arbitrarily cut off, they will voluntarily stop use, because they are getting compensated for the water. Also – everyone will be incentivized to save. The increased price will provide funds for new and improved water storage and treatment facilities, Bob’s your uncle, and this shit ain’t a problem any more.

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